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Call for papers, Holocaust in Hungary, 75

We welcome papers of at least 8.000-10.000 words based on primary archival research on the following topics to be published in Clio Research Papers: - ghettoisation and deportation in the countryside and in the annexed territories (Carpatho-Ruthenia, Northern-Transylvania) - the role of local administration in the implementation of anti-Jewis measures - the social history of the countryside in the summer of 1944 - compulsory labor service - the rescue of Jews in the countryside and Budapest - the redistribution of Jewish assets by the Sztójay-government - Arrow Cross rule in countryside and in Budapest - the history of the international and Pest ghetto (ghetto police, daily life, survival strategies)

We also welcome manuscripts in other areas pertaining to the Holocaust in Hungary in 1944.

We offer a contract and remuneration for accepted authors.

If interested, please send your manuscript to

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