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As junior researchers, we are committed to carefully analyze and depict the pivotal events of 20th century Hungarian history within its regional context, based on first-hand investigation of relevant primary sources, with eager intellectual inquiry, writing accessibly and with a compelling narrative voice for the wider public.


We believe that there is ample room for and value in academic and reliable popular history in 21th century modern Hungary. It is our deep conviction that it is the respectful exchange of opinions that drives dialogue and serves as a substitute for unproductive partisan discourse in order to contribute to a more balanced national identity.


Cognizant of its sensible nature, we seek to approach the overlapping traumas of the past century – often pitted against each other – judiciously and with discernible professionalism.


We are a project-based institute, our work is predicated upon extensive and systematic archival research and a methodology that seeks to include comparative aspects and multiple perspectives. Our researchers hail from Hungary and from regions in the neighboring countries (Transylvania, Southern Slovakia and Sub-Carpathia).

We investigate topics, among others, related to the First World War, the Hungarian Soviet Republic and the ensuing Red and White Terror, as well as the Romanian occupation of Hungary, the deportation of Hungarian Jews subsequent to the German occupation of Hungary, the occupational policies of the Hungarian Royal Army in he territory of the Soviet Union, interwar minority policy of the Hungarian government in Southern Czechoslovakia, Sub-Carpathia and Northern Transylvania, and transitional justice initiatives and case law  following 1990.

We are committed to integrate the findings of previous scholarship and we deem it our mission to foster strong partnership with fellow researchers and research institutes. We also provide well-written inquiries, serious commentary and analysis on critical historical issues and would like to become a forum for a flourishing community of public intellectuals.


We strive to publish works conceived broadly with an aim to catalyzing critical conversation and advancing the field, but also in a clear form that is easily accessible to the wider public. It is also our goal to have a strong social media presence and to actively shape scientific and public debates.

Through our bilingual website and scholarship programs we would like to attract and activate the next generation of undergraduate and graduate students and serve as a point of reference for foreign scholars and pundits interested in contemporary Hungarian history.

We strongly believe that by transmitting the accumulated knowledge, methodology and work ethics acquired during our research trips abroad and at home, we can contribute to the better understanding of our shared past and build a successful 21th century Hungary.

​​Budapest, December 2017.


Ildikó Bajcsi
ildikó bajcsi
historian, PhD
gergely bödők
historian, PhD
Anchor 1
Ákos Fóris
ákos fóris
PhD candidate,
Eötvös Loránd University (Budapest), History Doctoral Program
ádám gellért
PhD candidate,
University of Bristol, Department of History
Ádám Gellért
Gyula Kosztyó
gyula kosztyó
historian, PhD
Endre Magyar
Endre Magyar
historian, archivist
PhD candidate,

Pázmány Péter Catholic University (Budapest),

History Doctoral Program

Olivér Perczel
olivér perczel
PhD candidate,
Eötvös Loránd University (Budapest),
History Doctoral Program
archivist, Budapest City Archives
Levent Olosz_ENG
istván végső
István Végső
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