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Clio Research Paper Series is an open access, peer reviewed online publication of Clio Institute, Budapest. It publishes the scientific output of the Institute's staff in English, but also seeks to provide a channel for the dissemination of scientific inquiry regarding the history of Hungary in a Central- and Eastern-European context. Our primary focus is on political violence in Hungary throughout the 20th century. 

We welcome submissions of 8.000-10.000 words (footnotes according to the Chicago Manual of Style) from all fields of scholarship that provide a new analytical outlook on political violence from the First Soviet Republic (1919) till the end of communism in Hungary (1989).       

We offer a contract and remuneration for accepted authors.   

We are committed to the prompt dissemination of new scholarly findings, hence our editorial process from submission, through peer-review and editing to publication is about 4-10 weeks.


Please send your manuscript for review to

February 2019.

Clio Research Paper

issues in hungarian

Patrik András Erdős : 

the alternative criminal law policy of the hungarian soviet republic:

the  department of criminiology of the budapest revolutionary tribunal (1919) 

Clio Műhelytanulmányok (1).png

Szabolcs kovács:

group trials before the people's court of cluj (1946)

istván kolos tálas: 

the genesis of the ww2 compulsory labour service in hungary:

labour companies in miklós horthy's national army 


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Ádám Gellért


Editorial board:


Gergely Bödők

Ákos Fóris

Ádám Gellért

Address: Mexikói út 47/A. fszt. 2. 1145 Budapest, Hungary





ISSN 2630-8967

The research paper series is funded by the Ministry of Human Capacities of Hungary.

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